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Wizard Of Oz Slot

Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine

A Review Of The Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine


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Some things are truly timeless. Regardless of the years that pass, they remain as constant hallmarks to a bygone time. The Wizard of Oz represents one such timeless relic, reflected throughout the years as an iconic piece of cinematography. And now it comes to you in the form of a pretty solid slot machine game. Let’s take a moment to review the Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine and see what makes it such a great game to play.

What Is The Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine Game Like?

Simply put, the Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine is exactly what you would expect it to be. Take an iconic American movie and turn it into a slot machine game and this is what you get. Well polished and a clear labor of love by the developer WMS, Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine offers a lot of visuals that people who love the movie will recognize. Even with no understanding of what the visuals represent, it is still pretty easy to get a sense of what you should do.

Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine offers the player 5 reels. There are a total of 30 bet lines to choose from. While bets can be pretty small, they can also go upwards of $50,000 on the highest payment amount and through getting the jackpot. Not a small chunk of change, payouts like these are relatively rare. There are also things like free spins, bonus rounds, wild symbols, scatters, and great jackpots to keep you interested. While certainly not rocking the boat gameplay wise, the Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine is a fun way to engage with slot machine play, especially if you are unfamiliar with this form of gambling.

What Is Special About The Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine Game?

Offering straight up simple to understand and grasp gameplay based off of some of the most core gameplay mechanics seen in online slot machine gaming, the Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine adds depth to the game through features as well. Being mobile friendly, it only requires flash in order to run. It includes many scattered feature symbols that add up to special bonuses like the Winged Monkey or the Road to Emerald City. There is also the major jackpot, which requires that you have 5 jackpot icons in an active payline.
Is This Slot Machine Game Worth Playing?

Based off of a popular and seemingly timeless movie, the Wizard Of Oz Slot Machine game is beloved by those who play it. Simplistic in its designs and offering a straightforward play experience derived from the visuals of the movie, the game itself is very well rated. With thousands of reviews, it is among the most played games offered by WMS. In addition, it has an average of 4.1 out of 5, which is incredible given that higher numbers of raters tend to average out the score. What you are left with is a solid game that you can return to repeatedly whenever you are in the mood to go for an adventure.

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