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Twin Spin Slot Machine

Play The Twin Spin Slot Machine Online Free Play Or Cash

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The Twin Spin Slot Machine game is a classic old school approach to slot machine games out of Las Vegas. It maintains the traditional 5 reels approach whilst keeping the game play simpler than some other, newer games that some players could find confusing or just overwhelming and not enjoyable.

The theme of Twin Spin mixes a space inspired graphical appearance with a casino visage. This creates an interesting alternative backdrop with a blue hue and laser lights in a mix of green, orange and blue. The addition of yellow pixels that turn off and on again gives the appearance of stars that occasionally come into view behind the actual slot reels. The overall effect is pretty atmospheric, but the addition of the light show that accompanies each win and the musical accompaniment to each win seals the deal.

In keeping with the old style theme of Twin Slot Slot Machine, a vintage lettering font is used for the symbols that appear. These hark back to the types of old school reels used in Vegas back in the day. The symbols include ones for 9 and 10, plus A, J, K and Q. Each of these symbols appear using a neon laser lettering style that glows.

There are 5 symbols that are common to Las Vegas slots that are included on the reels of the game. Two red cherries together carry the lowest value. A golden colored bell is next. A gold bar you’d think is the highest value, but it is actually in the middle in the value spectrum. Next up is the number seven, in red ink, which has special significance here. The most valuable of the set, the enlarged diamond, is gleaming. Each play comes with some funky music as an accompaniment which will make the player think of the music of the 70s and 80s, however, there is a volume slider to reduce the volume or turn the music off entirely.

There is no Scatter symbol with this slots game, unlike many more modern slot games. There are also no free spins, so the player cannot go on a free spin rampage. The bonus games are also absent here too. However, there is a Wild symbol which can replace other symbols to help get the matches needed.

An AutoPlay feature is included to help players who wish to make life simpler.

The reels that are shown adjacently can be linked together with matching symbols between the reels having relevance here. This adds a new element to the game that is lacking with modern digital slot games. For people who wish for the simpler slot games of Vegas from the comfort of their sofa, the Twin Spin Slot Machine is worth a try for sure.

No Deposit Bonus Available -Play At BGO Casino Or Play Slots Sky Vegas 

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