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Thai Flowers SlotMachine

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A Review Of The Thai Flower Slot Machine Game

There are dozens of online slot machine games out there. Typically revolving around a theme, finding the right slot machine game is all about identifying what theme you enjoy the most. In addition, it is worth considering the kind of gameplay that the game offers as well. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review the Thai Flower Slot Machine game. Along with reviewing its strengths and weaknesses, we will provide you the information you need to know as you consider this game for personal play.

What Is The Thai Flower Slot Machine Game Like?

The Thai Flower Slot Machine game offers a lot of basic, Thai imagery. While this does not go too in depth, it does appear nicely and simplistically on screen. While the sounds are standard for most Barcrest games, it is executed very nicely in Thai Flower Slot Machine. Traditional Asian music play sin the background.

Thai Flower Slot Machine has a 10 slot win line with the win lines being fixed. Of the winnable symbols, the Thai Lady is the best symbol to get, offering 1000 coins for just 5 coins on any particular line. This makes placing 5 on any a far better deal than placing less, as 1-4 offer far less in rewards due to a marked decrease in returns. Prices range between 1 cent and $50 per line depending on the amount you are willing to spend. As always, the more you spend, the more your potential reward.

What Is Special About The Thai Flower Slot Machine Game?

There is only one thing that really stands out as unique for the Thai Flower Slot Machine. It is the lotus flower bonus. An iconic symbol both within the game and on the cover, the lotus flower appears as the bonus icon. Getting the lotus flower means getting a free spin mini game. While it does not trigger often, when it does it is quite fun and engaging. Because of how simplistic the gameplay is, people often prefer games like Thai Flower Slot Machine because it is great for auto play. If this interests you, then you should consider Thai Flower Slot Machine.

Is This Slot Machine Game Worth Playing?

The Thai Flower Slot Machine is one of those ‘love it or hate it’ slot machine games. People either fall in love with it and keep playing it or end up rating it pretty low. Based on this, it should come as now surprises then that it usually gets a low number of reviews skew towards either end. Rankings typically but it just above average. If you like a slot machine game that has a simple Asian theme and gameplay that is not super engaging, then Thai Flower Slot Machine is right for you. While some people hate this, other people love how you can use it for auto play. In the end, it all comes down to your particular play style and what you find interesting from online slot machines.

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