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Starburst Slot Machine


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Starburst is a juicy, colorful slot machine game that is filled with vibrant fun. This slot machine game comes with a new, innovative experience for gamers who are looking for a fresh way to play the slots. In an age where Vegas slot machines become less interesting by the day, the Starburst Slot Machine game represents the latest in design and gaming fun that challenges, confounds and excites the player.

The basis of the Starburst game is one with 5 reels and only 10 pay lines. This is lower than the typical 30-50 pay lines of other modern digital slot machine games, but the payout of up 50,000 coins keeps it interesting.

When looking at the theme of Starburst, the Bejeweled slot machine is the one that comes to mind the most. The game looks resplendent with colors from green to purple to blue. Each color is bright and stands out on the screen. Only a few spins are needed to make it clear that the bright colors and spinning reels make this game more enjoyable than most other choices for modern slots.

Beyond the jewel symbols appearing in their multitude of bright colors, there will also be bar symbols and the 7 symbols which are standouts with the highest payout. Clearly, with gambling, sometimes you win, other times you lose. However, when playing the Starburst Slot Machine, the winner seems to be a more frequent occurrence. The soothing soundtrack and colorization is actually able to take away the stress of daily life.

There is an AutoPlay feature where the player can just relax and watch as the reels turn. No interaction is needed to enjoy several spins and wait to learn the outcome.

Reels can also be stopped in mid-spin using the Skill Stop feature. This doesn’t change the random outcome of the spin result, but it does give the player an added sense of control over their gambling outcome nonetheless.

The Starburst Wilds Bonus delivers an extra round of play. The Wild symbols need to show on the three reels in the middle position. In this case, all reels will become Wilds and a re-spin event will be given. Receive another Wild symbol on the re-spin and the player gets to spin once more. As may as 5 re-spins can be given in total. Each re-spins gives the player the opportunity to rack up their winnings quickly.

The Win Both Ways bonus provides an extra round. View the PayTable to see how reel result layout changes the potential winnings for the player.

The Starburst Slot Machine is a vibrant, energizing slot machine game to play, especially in the evening with the lights off.


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