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Playing Roulette Online Free

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Of all casino games, few really say casino experience like roulette does. The game is a casino mainstay, and has been around since the 18th century. Can you think of a single movie set in a casino that does not feature a roulette wheel? Everything about roulette is what casinos are all about-the sights, the sounds, the social experience, the thrill of putting down your chips and breathlessly waiting for the outcome, and of course, dragging to chips home after a big win. Few games combine the ease of play with pure gambling excitement the way that roulette does. So, is it worth it to play free roulette online?

American or European Roulette?

European roulette is the way to go, always. To repeat, always play European roulette, if you have the choice. A European roulette wheel only has one house number, 0, whereas an American wheel has 0 and 00.This means that the house edge is doubled in American roulette. Since the payouts are the same, there is simply no reason to play at a table with worse odds. Many casinos offer both types of wheels, and if the casino where you play does not, consider switching. When you play free roulette online you will see both European and American styles of wheels.

Roulette Online

Online casinos are the latest craze, and as the US government has begun cracking down on online poker rooms, you can expect this market share of online gambling to grow. Many people who enjoy wagering online enjoy the diversity offered in an online casino over the more specialized sites that offer only sports betting or poker. Online casinos offer Blackjack, Baccarat, slots, and, of course roulette, just to name a few games you are likely to see. The software for free roulette online is very good at the popular sites, with good random results like what you see live, so do not worry about cheating or additional odds in favor of the house.

Should You Play Free Roulette Online?

A common issue of debate among gamblers is, whether to play free games on the internet or not, and it is no exception when the topic of free roulette online comes up. Most players who gamble professionally or semi-professionally will look at free players with disdain. However, no one was born knowing how to gamble, and there is a great deal of value in learning without risking the farm, so to speak. Since gambling is a learned skill, and therefore has an inherent learning curve, a smart gambler will get past that curve as cheaply as possible. What is cheaper than free?

Roulette Systems

Many websites claim failsafe systems for making money at roulette, and even offer to tell you which online casinos have exploitable bugs in their casino software. First of all, if a site has bugs in their playing software, they probably have bugs in their paying system as well, so proceed at your own (considerable) risk. As for roulette systems, they have all been tried, and any new one is simply a recycled version of something old and de-bunked already, so again, proceed at your own risk.

All roulette systems are based on leveraging your betting while reducing the variables involved in your betting, but no system can ever overcome the existence of the house number or numbers. Remember, casinos exist to make money, and the odds are in favor of the house, so the house will always turn a profit.

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