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Pig Wizard Slot

Pig Wizard Slot Machine

PlayPig Wizard Slot Machine At Sky Vegas Or Play SlotsAt BGO Casino

The Pig Wizard Slot Machine 5-reel virtual slot machine game features 20 lines with a fantasy based theme that takes its cue from the Harry Potter series of books, while remaining “inspired by” rather than an official release. For any types of fantasy fans who also love to play the slots, it is real tough to find a better match for their interests online.

When getting started with the Pig Wizard game, you need to select the + and – button to select the stake you wish to wager. The Total Stake will be indicated to help select the right amount to play the game with.

To get a clear idea what each wager has the potential to pay out, there is a PayTable button which will display what can be won depending on the combination of 5-reels when they stop spinning, the bonuses, scatters and other items.

To get rolling, you need to hit the SPIN button which will get the 5 reels spinning around and ready to stop randomly.

To win, a line of the same symbols needs to display in the center of the reel with 2, 3, 4 or five matches. The match begins from the left, not the right, or the list of reels.

When a win is made, the line will be highlighted for you. Any winnings will be added to the credit on your account without needing to do anything.

A Magic Map bonus is available when getting the Bonus Scatter symbol on reels 1, 3 and five. There are two additional related bonuses; the Revealing Squeal and also the No Squeal. A book can be selected to reveal a prize. Pressing the Squeal collects the price, but with No Squeal, you can only try again. Either a price will be eventually won, or you’ll end up with 5 books in total.

The Trail of Magic Bonus is a fun aspect to playing Pig Wizard that is awarded when the Trail of Magic is revealed. This can lead you on a roll collecting crystal balls, powerful potions and multipliers to add to your power in the Pig Wizard game.

A Free Spin award delivers the Magic Mirror Free Spins Bonus. A Bonus Cash Prize delivers the Bonus Mystery Win. Each of these expands the true playability of this game.

There is a great deal of depth to playing Pig Wizard. It has levels, layers and depths that a typical slot machine doesn’t have in Vegas. For anyone into the fantasy realm, there is hours of fun here and the chance to win big at the same time.

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