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Online Casino Versus Land Based

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A decade ago, there was no debate about whether online or live gambling was king because Internet casinos were virtually nonexistent. Things have certainly changed though since online casinos are bigger than ever, and many people are choosing to save themselves a trip by gambling online. With so many gamblers opting to do go with cyber betting, a big debate has arisen over which gaming experience is superior. Here is a look at how the two forms of casinos compare to each other in the great debate.

The main reason people like to gamble is so that they can strike it rich, and make some major money. But the amount of money you stand to make through gambling differs greatly depending on where you choose to place your bets.

Land-based casinos have heavy operating costs since they have to provide a physical location, pay a large staff of workers, and provide other services to attract visitors. With this being the case, land-based casinos can usually only afford to make payouts of 92 – 93% on every dollar wagered.
On the other hand, online casinos have small operating costs because they only need to have a website, software, and pay a handful of workers. Since their operating expenses are really low, Internet casinos typically offer a 97% payout or better on every dollar bet. So it definitely pays more to do your betting online.

Payouts Advantage – Online Casinos

As much as people like to make money through gambling, some like the experience even more. Land-based casinos definitely provide a very unique experience since most of them are lavishly decorated, and offer lots of entertainment in addition to the games. In fact, gambling at a live casino can make one feel like a high roller even if their bankroll isn’t all that large! Another fun element of land casinos is that you can socialize with other gamblers, which only enhances the experience.

Online casinos can also offer some interesting experiences since their websites are attractive, and the games are extremely fun to play. However, it’s kind of hard to get the full casino experience, and benefit from the social aspects of gambling when you’re sitting on the computer by yourself.

Experience Advantage – Land-Based Casinos
One thing that people really love about visiting a land-based casino is that it’s like a vacation in itself. That’s because people often fly to destinations like Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Atlantic City in order to gamble. Others like to drive to the nearest local gambling establishment if they’re short on time and/or cash. But in either case, traveling isn’t very convenient when you’re looking for a quick gambling session.

That’s where online casinos really come into play because a person can just hop onto their computer and start gambling whenever they have the urge. There are no flights to Vegas or long drives to the nearest legal casino; only a few simple strokes on your keyboard. And another great thing in regards to the convenience of an online casino is that you can even play in your pajamas!

Convenience Advantage – Online Casinos

Additional Entertainment
In addition to the actual casino experience, another reason why people love visiting land-based casinos is because of the surrounding entertainment. Whether you visit Atlantic City, or your local casino, there is bound to be good restaurants, shows, clubs, and famous attractions nearby. Some casino visitors don’t even visit large gambling destinations for the actual betting; instead, they go for the surrounding activities.

Internet casinos obviously can’t provide fancy restaurants and entertaining shows to watch, but they do allow a person to play multiple games at once. In fact, you could be playing blackjack, roulette, and craps all at the same time if you wanted to. But just being able to gamble on multiple tables at once can’t replace the feel of a world-famous show or 5-star restaurant.

Additional Entertainment Advantage – Land-Based Casinos

Most live casinos work to ensure that their establishment and visitors adhere to a certain standard. This means implementing table etiquette and possibly enforcing a dress code to make sure their business attracts the right clientele. Unfortunately, in the process of doing this, land-based casinos scare off people who want to gamble in a more relaxed environment.
That’s why online casinos are a much better place for those who want to relax and really enjoy their gambling. By gambling over the Internet, you can wear whatever you want and you don’t have to worry about pushy workers or annoying fellow players. You can also grab food at any time, and watch TV while you’re at an online casino.

Comfort Advantage – Online Casinos
Final Verdict
When looking at all of the different aspects a casino can offer, it’s pretty clear why so many people are choosing to play at online casinos. Online establishments are very convenient, they offer larger payouts, and the comfort factor is top-notch. Of course land-based casinos still have their drawing points too in the form of offering an excellent experience and giving people lots of entertainment options. For the most part though, people will be better off gambling online – unless they’re in the mood for a vacation.

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