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Glamourizing Gambling

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Gambling and movies may not seem like the perfect combination. However, you will be surprised how many films have been made about a number of casino-based card games in the past few years. Perhaps one of the more successful in this field is the movie 21 in 2008. The film, which became a surprising financial success, tackled the true story of players from the MIT Blackjack Team who used the card counting technique to beat the casinos. Another Hollywood movie about a casino card game, although less successful, is the Eric Bana-Drew Barrymore film Lucky You, which involved poker tournaments in the center of its storyline. American and European filmgoers may not know about the Asian films God of Gamblers and All for the Winner (starring Chow Yun-Fat and Stephen Chow), but these movies also tackled gambling games and were extremely popular all throughout the region.

What males card games and other gambling games so appealing to these filmmakers? These films depicted card games as successful and exciting. Of course, it’s easy to see how these films may have exaggerated or downplayed some of the crucial elements of these games (21, for instance, did not elaborate on the card counting techniques used by the Blackjack team), but they still managed to describe the feeling players experience during a game.

It may seem as if bingo will not get the same treatment. Bingo, although exciting, seems rather hard to put on film due to its passive game play. However, the film Bingo Confidential has dispelled that notion.

Bingo Confidential is the brainchild of Susan Benfatto, who initially had no idea how popular bingo is. However, after attending a bingo game with a friend, she realized the potential of bingo as a film. The film tackles a bingo game with a one million pot prize, the dying wish of a millionaire who wants to be remembered in bingo history. Also, it will focus on six people who will stop at nothing to win the jackpot. To add even more trouble to the brew are the relatives of the deceased who want to stop the game and claim the money for their own.

As early as 2008, a year before the movie had a definite release, Bingo Confidential had already stirred up enough attention among avid bingo players. This isn’t surprising, since this is perhaps the first movie to tackle this exciting and classic card game. It will also prove to the public that bingo is not a children’s game only played at festival and carnivals or an old person’s game played at charity event. Bingo can also be a mature game and can attract the most exciting and curious set of players all over the world, as the movie can attest.

Bingo Confidential is set to be released straight to video on October 2009. Still, while it is not getting a big screen release, Bingo Confidential remains to be a glaring proof that bingo is a mature game, a game everyone can enjoy.

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