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Chuzzle Slot Machine

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The Chuzzle Slot Machine is a great slot machine game for anyone who is a big kid at heart and really gets into playing with odd looking characters like ones with huge bug eyes or crazy hair. The immersive nature of the game also included a voice that says “yeah” occasionally, usually when the most interesting symbols come up in the reels. Sometimes the characters eyes’ blink which makes them seem more real as well.

This 5 reel slot machine game is a bold standout because it is not shy about using bursts of colour and interesting characters to get its point across. There are three bonus games that come included with the main Chuzzle Slot Machine game too, so plenty of game within a game action here. There are also multipliers which can turn free spins into something truly lucrative where the winnings can quickly rack up. To win, the player will need to be happy playing with the creatures that will appear in their reels from time to time. It’s all part of the fun really.

The design is aimed at shock value rather than subtly here. Lots of colors, mostly primary ones, and a frame that uses multiple colors to grab the attention of the player and keep their attention. The colors stay bright and are a bit square, rather than being smooth, but that doesn’t distract from the game play.

There is some animation included with the game, but this is only with the main game play, but none of the bonus games have it. The animations are mainly blinking eyes with the cuddly creatures. Most of the symbols seen are either playing cards that are easy to spot or they are the creatures themselves. Along with these, 3 bonus symbols occasionally surface. Other than the disco lights and crazy creatures, there are a few sounds when reels slide into place, but nothing too distracting overall.

There are 20 win lines, but these cannot be set the way the player would like them. Five reels and 3 symbol rows is what the player gets to use. It may be possible to alter the stake and use an AutoPlay feature, but neither of these options is always present with the Chuzzle Slot Machine game.

When spinning, the last symbol explode in a firework display, which is kind of cool.

Playing with the Chuzzle Slot Machine is a lot of fun. It never gets boring and anyone who enjoys cartoons will likely get a kick out of this game.

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