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Betting Slang And The Reasons To Learn It!

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One of the major barriers in communication is lack of knowledge of the lingo used by a certain group. This language is used only and understood by the group members so, if Gambling slangyou want to be in, you must learn this language. If you want to gamble, you must learn some gambling slang; otherwise, you will end up calling wagers that you cannot afford. So, the first gambling slang words that you must learn are those pertaining to bets.

Here are some of the gambling slangs that you must know. The first is dime. In common usage, a dime means ten centavo or one-tenth of a dollar. But when one in a gambling table says that bets start at a dime, don’t start counting your loose change. You will end up having a sack of coins for a single bet because one dime to a gambler’s mind means $1,000, which you might not be able to afford.

As you gain experience in gambling, you will realize that a dime is actually bigger than a dollar. Why? A bet of a dollar means $100 while dime means $1,000. See? That might sound unreasonable but you’d better learn it or you end up making bets that you can never pay just in case you lose.

There are also slang terms for people involved in the game. For instance, if you are losing, other players would refer you as fish while if you are winning, you are “hot”. A person who makes small bets along with the person winning is called “flea” and like the pest in real life, they can be very annoying. When someone yells that you are a “crossroader”, do not nod and smile because someone might pull a knife at you for cheating them because that is what a crossroader really is.

So, the next time someone challenges you to a wager of a dime, count your money first before you say yes.

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